Is Earning Eagle Scout Really A Big Deal? Analyzing The Impact

Since its inception over 100 years ago, the Eagle Scout rank has stood as a prestigious achievement in Scouting. Only about 6% of Boy Scouts reach this highest advancement rank, requiring years of dedication and mastery of outdoor skills.

But in today’s world, does earning Eagle Scout still carry weight and open doors? If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Yes, Eagle Scout remains highly regarded, offering lifelong benefits from scholarships to career networking.

In this in-depth article, we’ll analyze what attaining Eagle Scout signifies about a young man’s character, skills, and work ethic. We’ll look at the rigorous requirements to earn it, statistics on how few achieve it, and research into how Eagle Scouts stand out in college, the military, and their careers.

The Arduous Eagle Scout Requirements

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is no easy feat. The requirements set by the Boy Scouts of America are designed to challenge young individuals and help them develop valuable skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

To become an Eagle Scout, a scout must successfully complete a series of tasks and demonstrate exceptional leadership, character, and commitment.

Leadership of Troop and Community Service Projects

One of the key requirements to become an Eagle Scout is to showcase leadership skills by organizing and leading a troop project and a community service project. These projects involve coordinating with team members, managing resources, and ensuring the successful completion of the tasks at hand.

It not only teaches scouts how to be effective leaders but also instills in them a sense of responsibility and the importance of giving back to their communities.

Demonstrating Scout Spirit and Outdoor Proficiency

Being an Eagle Scout goes beyond just earning badges. It requires scouts to demonstrate their commitment to the principles of scouting and embody the Scout Oath and Law. Scouts are expected to actively participate in troop activities, demonstrate a strong sense of Scout spirit, and exhibit outdoor proficiency.

This includes skills such as camping, hiking, first aid, and navigation. These experiences not only build character but also equip scouts with the necessary skills to overcome challenges in the great outdoors.

Planning and Completing a Large-Scale Project

The pinnacle of the Eagle Scout journey is planning and completing a large-scale project that benefits the community. This project requires scouts to identify a need, develop a project plan, secure necessary resources, and execute their plan to make a lasting impact.

Whether it’s constructing a bridge, refurbishing a community center, or organizing a fundraising event, scouts learn valuable project management skills, teamwork, and perseverance through this process.

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is a significant achievement that demonstrates a scout’s dedication, leadership abilities, and commitment to making a positive impact on the world around them. It opens doors to opportunities such as scholarships, college admissions, and future leadership roles.

The arduous requirements set by the Boy Scouts of America ensure that only the most dedicated and deserving individuals earn this prestigious rank.

Eagle Scouts Are a Small, Accomplished Segment

Earning the prestigious title of Eagle Scout is no small feat. It is a testament to a Scout’s dedication, hard work, and leadership skills. Eagle Scouts are considered to be a small, accomplished segment within the Boy Scouts of America.

Only About 6% of Scouts Achieve Eagle Rank

Out of the millions of Scouts who join the Boy Scouts of America, only a small percentage manage to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. According to official statistics, approximately 6% of Scouts earn this esteemed title.

This low percentage highlights the rigor and commitment required to attain the rank.

Becoming an Eagle Scout involves completing a series of challenging requirements, including earning merit badges, demonstrating leadership, and completing a community service project. It requires years of dedication and perseverance, making it a remarkable achievement.

Colleges and Military Highly Value Eagle Scouts

Colleges and universities across the United States highly value the achievements of Eagle Scouts. Many institutions recognize the dedication, leadership, and character development that comes with earning the Eagle Scout rank. Some colleges even offer scholarships specifically for Eagle Scouts.

Similarly, the military also holds Eagle Scouts in high regard. The qualities that Eagle Scouts develop, such as discipline, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, align closely with the values and requirements of the military.

As a result, many Eagle Scouts find themselves with increased opportunities and advantages when pursuing a military career.

Eagle Scouts Are Overrepresented as CEOs and Leaders

Eagle Scouts are not only highly regarded in educational and military institutions but also in the professional world. Many successful CEOs and prominent leaders have earned the rank of Eagle Scout. The leadership skills, determination, and resilience instilled through the scouting program often translate into success in various fields.

A study conducted by the Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business found that Eagle Scouts are overrepresented in leadership positions in business, government, and the military. The study revealed that Eagle Scouts are more likely to become CEOs, senior executives, and elected officials compared to their counterparts who did not achieve this rank.

The impact of earning the Eagle Scout rank goes beyond the Scouting community. It sets individuals apart and opens doors to countless opportunities, both in education and professional pursuits. The dedication and values instilled through the journey to becoming an Eagle Scout continue to influence and shape the lives of these accomplished individuals.

Lasting Benefits for Education and Career

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is not only a significant achievement in itself, but it also brings along a host of lasting benefits for education and career. From scholarship opportunities to networking and mentorship in business, becoming an Eagle Scout can have a profound impact on a person’s future prospects.

Scholarship Opportunities

One of the most notable benefits of being an Eagle Scout is the access to numerous scholarship opportunities. Many universities and organizations recognize the hard work and dedication required to achieve this prestigious rank and offer scholarships specifically for Eagle Scouts.

These scholarships can greatly alleviate the financial burden of pursuing higher education and provide deserving individuals with the means to further their studies.

According to the National Eagle Scout Association, over $700,000 in scholarships are awarded annually to Eagle Scouts. These scholarships are offered by various institutions, including colleges, universities, and scouting organizations.

They not only recognize the accomplishments of Eagle Scouts but also support their educational aspirations.

Networking and Mentorship in Business

Becoming an Eagle Scout allows individuals to join a tight-knit community of accomplished individuals who have also achieved this prestigious rank. This community provides a unique opportunity for networking and mentorship in the business world.

Many Eagle Scouts go on to become successful professionals in various fields, including business, politics, and academia. By being part of this community, Eagle Scouts can connect with like-minded individuals who share similar values and goals.

These connections can open doors to internships, job opportunities, and valuable mentorship from experienced professionals.

Moreover, the Boy Scouts of America has partnerships with influential organizations such as the Business Roundtable, which includes CEOs of major corporations. These partnerships offer Eagle Scouts exclusive access to networking events and mentorship programs, enabling them to build connections with industry leaders and gain valuable insights into their chosen career paths.

Resume Distinction

Employers highly value the skills and qualities developed through the journey to Eagle Scout. Achieving this rank demonstrates a strong work ethic, leadership abilities, and a commitment to community service.

These qualities make Eagle Scouts stand out among other candidates and can greatly enhance their resumes.

According to a study conducted by Baylor University, Eagle Scouts are more likely to be hired and promoted than individuals without this distinction. The study found that employers view Eagle Scouts as reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated individuals who possess the necessary qualities to succeed in the workplace.

Having the Eagle Scout rank on a resume not only catches the attention of employers but also serves as a conversation starter during job interviews. Employers often ask about the Eagle Scout experience, providing candidates with an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills and highlight the valuable lessons they learned throughout their scouting journey.

The Prestige and Honor of Being an Eagle Scout

Attaining the rank of Eagle Scout is considered a significant achievement in the scouting community. It is the highest rank within the Boy Scouts of America program and is highly respected and recognized both inside and outside of scouting circles.

Earning the Eagle Scout rank demonstrates exceptional leadership, dedication, and commitment to community service.

Recognition as a Model Scout and Citizen

Eagle Scouts are seen as role models within their communities. They have undergone a rigorous process of earning merit badges, completing service projects, and demonstrating leadership skills. This dedication to personal growth and community betterment sets them apart and earns them respect from their peers and adults alike.

Being an Eagle Scout is a testament to their character and a reflection of their commitment to the values of scouting.

According to the Boy Scouts of America, only about 6% of all scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. This exclusivity adds to the prestige and honor associated with earning this title. It shows that the individual has gone above and beyond the requirements and expectations of the scouting program.

It’s no wonder that being an Eagle Scout is often viewed as a significant accomplishment.

Exclusive Opportunities Like the National Eagle Scout Association

Becoming an Eagle Scout opens doors to exclusive opportunities. One such opportunity is membership in the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA), which provides networking and career development opportunities.

NESA offers scholarships, mentorship programs, and connections to other accomplished Eagle Scouts. This association allows Eagle Scouts to tap into a supportive network of individuals who have achieved similar goals and can provide guidance and support in various aspects of life.

The NESA website ( provides various resources, including job listings, leadership development programs, and news updates. It serves as a hub for Eagle Scouts to stay connected and make the most of their Eagle Scout status even after they have aged out of the scouting program.

The opportunities provided by NESA further enhance the impact and prestige of being an Eagle Scout.

Joining an Elite Brotherhood

Eagle Scouts are part of an elite brotherhood that extends beyond their local troop or community. They become part of a larger network of individuals who have achieved the highest rank in scouting. This brotherhood fosters a sense of camaraderie and connection, providing opportunities for lifelong friendships and networking.

Through events such as Eagle Scout reunions, gatherings, and online forums, Eagle Scouts can connect with others who share their experiences and values. This sense of belonging to a distinguished group further adds to the impact and honor of being an Eagle Scout.


Given the small number of Scouts who achieve Eagle rank after demonstrating leadership, tenacity, and mastery of skills, it remains a major accomplishment. Eagle Scouts enjoy lasting benefits, from scholarships to career networking, that validate the distinction Eagle status confers.

Earning the Eagle Scout award still carries significant weight, opening doors to opportunities for young men with the determination to reach Scouting’s highest rank.

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