100 Different Coins from Many Countries Around The World Including A Coin Bag Small Purse!

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Grade Rating Circulated
Variety Commemorative
Material Metal
Year 1960

  • A LIMITED EDITION. 100 DIFFERENT COINS PICKED RANDOMLY FROM MANY COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD. Each pack may have different combinations of coins. Our coins collection includes real pieces issued in 1960 and onwards. You’ll love the story and culture carried by these small works of metal art.
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL INVESTMENT. Foreign currency has a residual value. The number of coins from around the world are decreasing and coins value are increasing every year. Aren’t many circulating, and they’re bound to increase in value. Invest in the past for your future.
  • VALUABLE COINS IN GOOD CONDITION FOR YOUR COIN COLLECTION! Please note that the oldest coins may show more scratches and oxidation. A mix of old coins may have different denominations, condition of the coins and year may vary. It will only enrich your coin bank, coin holders and coin album.
  • THESE FOREIGN COINS COMES IN A VINTAGE STYLE COIN BAG. Kids can use it as coins for games. Coin collectors can supplement coin album or coin holders with new coin sets. The best idea for coin collectors, good for educational projects to help children learn about other nations or just having the fun of sorting through a pile of world coins.
  • ADD TO YOUR COIN COLLECTION OR GIVE AS A SPECIAL GIFT. If you’d like to surprise a friend or relative with a unique gift for birthday, anniversary or wedding – world coins collection could be just the thing.
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Product Description

The cost of the product tells you what coins to expect

Coin s from the hobby of Kings | Rare | Valuable | Silver | Bulk | Lot

Valuable coins, not cheap metal scrap

We could make collections two or three times cheaper by adding low-value coins. We don’t do it because:

1. We value our time and yours. We assemble coins by hand. It takes a lot of time therefore, we produce only high-quality collections;

2. We know you are buying these coins as gifts for friends, collectors, or children. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with the packaging, the condition of the coins, or the variety of coins.

Please note, In the coin business, the cost indicates what coins you will get. Rare, exotic, and interesting coins cost more.

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Get a drawstring bag for each product. We took care of your coins

Each product is packed in a coin pouch. You don’t have to think about where to put the coins or how to pack them as gifts.


Why a product with 500 different coins is more expensive than 5×100?

A collection with many different coins will inevitably have rarer and more expensive coins. Also, coins from some countries are not easy to obtain, they are significantly more expensive and were not much minted.

Additional information

Weight 15.8 lbs
Dimensions 6.77 × 4.41 × 0.67 in
Package Dimensions

6.77 x 4.41 x 0.67 inches

Item Weight

15.8 ounces




Hobby of Kings

10 reviews for 100 Different Coins from Many Countries Around The World Including A Coin Bag Small Purse!

  1. valopez

    Tal cual lo que indica en la descripciónVariedad en las monedas recibidas, venían muy bien empacadas y excelente tiempo de entrega

  2. manuel trevino

    good conversation itemsjust what i expected

  3. trexmomma

    Great assortment of coins!I purchased this for my son who asked for coins from around the world. It has a great assortment from many countries. I enjoyed looking through them and now want some for me! The product arrived as advertised.

  4. Kim Scalf

    Good productWas a gift


    Oh yah, they’re some cool coinageOh yah, they’re some different and cool coinage.There is a lot of different coins from around the world. They are lower denominations of course, for the price, you’re not going to get any rare collectables. However they are interesting. Most of them, I have no idea what nations they are from. Many are from South East Asia, like the Philippines and Indonesia, the middle east, and some European countries, and then other countries as well. Since I don’t read their language, I couldn’t tell you from where most are from. They are old and fairly worn out with use.I got these to use as currency in a game I’m putting together and thought their exotic and different scripts would be good with the other fantasy coins I bought. I think they’ll be great for that purpose, adding a wider range of cultures to the monetary system of my fantasy world. For the price, they were much cheaper than the other metal fantasy and pirate coins out there.If I had any suggestions for the seller, it would be to have sets from particular regions or countries. Like a Chinese coin set, Japanese, India, Middle Eastern, European, Pacific Islands, etc.. that way, if I wanted to give my game a more Chinese or Japanese mythos type theme, I could have coins from those cultures, adding to it’s experience.For everyone else, I guess you could show off these coins and regale all your friends about the adventures you had across the Asian continent and be “that guy.” 😉

  6. Karyn

    coins & more coinsGot these coins for my grandson’s birthday. He is fascinated about learning the countries of the world and their flags and I thought these would be a great addition to his explorations. The coins come in a nice velvet bag and are sealed inside a plastic bag for protection. I opened them up for inspection and I hope my grandson is as thrilled with the coins as I am. Also hope he can figure out what countries they came from. The coins are as advertised and in my opinion worth the cost.

  7. Crystal Echelmeyer

    Great Selection!Came as advertised! So many countries I didn’t already have and denominations I didn’t have for countries that I did. Not a single duplicate or American coin either. I’m very happy and excited about adding these coins to my collection! I was really hoping for a square coin but that just means I’ll need to order more lol hopefully next time 🙂

  8. Amazon Customer

    Good enoughSo the description said every coin will be different which is true. Now if you want different coins from different regions then this isn’t for you. I did notice coins of the same region BUT they where different lolz. I looked at the yrs. Of the ones I got and I had gotten x2 1950s x6 1960s x9 1970s x7 1980s and x13 1990s. While the rest where 2000s and up. 37/100 were old and ehhhhhh, it’s Ok for the amount u pay for it in my opinion. 1 coin was extremely faded and it was hard to tell what it was. Over all, a great gift for those who want to get into collecting currency and maybe those who already are.

  9. Roger Harp

    Really not too badNot really too bad of a haul. Basically my con on this purchase: I did count these when I received them and had 98 coins instead of 100. May not sound like a big deal, but when I buy a certain amount of things, I want that amount. The price I paid was $24.49. If I had paid $24.47, two coins short, I’m sure the seller would not have shipped them to me.Out of the 98 coins that were shipped, 48 were from duplicate countries. NOT duplicate coins. Even though some were from the same country, they were of different denomination.The pro on this purchase: I gained 4 countries that I never had before and that keeps getting harder and harder the longer I collect.

  10. Cochran

    Better than expected.I got a few coins over 50 years old, and even one that was 68 years old. I got a few that are now obsolete, several that were near uncirculated condition and only a few years old, but definitely a good addition to my collection.100% would but again.

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