Valentine’s Day GiftKibuhain 3D Crystal Ball Music Box with Projection LED Light and Rotating Wooden Base, Best Gift for

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Color Brown
Shape Round
Material Crystal
Light Source Type Light Emitting Diode
Brand Kibuhain

  • HIGH QUALITY CRYSAL BALL: The Crystal ball is made of K9 Crystal Glass, which has excellent transmittance, refraction effect, hardness and texture. That’s why our crystal balls are so clear and they don’t break or even crack if you drop them. The inside of the crystal ball is beautifully carved with 3D technology. We have a variety of designs for you to choose from
  • NATURAL WOODEN BASE: The base of the music box is made of natural beech wood with dense wood and elegant texture. And each music box base has different texture, each one is special and unique
  • ROMANTIC MUSIC BOX: The music box has a high-quality movement with excellent music quality. Rotate the clockwork at the bottom of the base and the music of the Castle in the Sky will sound. Accompanied by the sound of music, the crystal ball slowly turns at the base, so that you can relax physically and mentally and immerse yourself in the peaceful world. It is very romantic and dreamy
  • BEAUTIFUL PROJECTION: When you toggle the switch, the 12 small lights on the base come on. Place the crystal ball on the base, and a beautiful lotus-shaped light projection will appear on the ceiling. Note that charging for 2-3 hours can turn on the light for 10 hours
  • GOOD PACKAGING & AFTER SALE: Our music boxes are beautifully packed in gift boxes, and the crystal balls and base are well protected and guaranteed to be delivered to you in good condition. Of course, if you have any questions after receiving them, please contact us and we will help you solve them as quickly as possible
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Product Description

Kibuhain Music Box with 6 pattern: lucky clover, rose, prince, cat, panda, deer

Natural beech wood

Natural Beech Wood

The base material is our carefully selected natural beech wood, unlike the cheap base material of other products. Beechwood is denser, harder, and more durable. Clear texture, better decorative effect. No pungent smell, more natural and safer.

Sankyo movement


The movement components are the core of the power of this product, and we have deliberately used a SANKYO motor. The reason is that this motor has a more stable power compared to other music box motors. Its internal structure is more precise to ensure that this product will last longer.

crystall ball

K9 Crystall Ball

For the glass ball material of this product, we insist on choosing K9 material. K9 glass has a special effect of keeping health by piezoelectricity in addition to the decorative effect. With a high hardness (Mohs 7), while the hardness of glass is lower, (Mohs 5.5). k9 glass is clear and translucent, with no small bubbles inside, even if dropped from the table, there will be no cracks.

music box

Crystal ball music box

Ball diameter: 7cm/2.7 inch

Base Material: beech wood and metal

Wooden Base diameter: 12cm/4.7 inch

Gift Box size: 8.46 x 3.15 x 5.51 (inch) / 215 x 80 x 140 ( mm )

Weight: 885g/31.22oz

Natural beech wood

Natural Beech Wood

Sankyo movement


crystall ball

K9 Crystall Ball

music box

Crystal Ball Music Box

Convenient Switch

Night Light

Play Music

Convenient Switch

When you flip the switch, the light comes on. Each three-hour charge keeps the light on for about 10 hours.

Night Light

You can use the music box as a night light when the 12 warm LED lights turn on. They are really soft nice yellow light.

Play Music

Rotate the clockwork clockwise and the music “Castle in the Sky” will play. And it can be played for about 1 minute after 3 rotations.

Beautiful ball

Beautiful Projection

Elegant Gift box

Beautiful ball

The crystal ball is very beautiful and crystal clear, forgive me for not being able to photograph its beauty.

Beautiful Projection

Place the crystal ball on the base, turn on the lights, and a beautiful lotus-shaped projection will appear on the ceiling.

Elegant Gift box

Our music box is packaged in a elegant white gift box, which is really your excellent gift choice.


3D Rotating music box, a perfect gift for your families, friends, lover, and yourself

There is a three-dimensional world in the crystal ball, which is not fixed on the music box and can be replaced.

The music box has a built-in mechanical movement that is durable. Turn the clockwork to play music.

Flip the light switch, the LED light will light up and project a unique light pattern on the ceiling.

It can be used as a birthday, party, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, graduation ceremony, Mother’s Day or as a best gift to family and friends.

Children love it

Additional information

Weight 31.22 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 2.76 × 4.72 in






Light Source Type

Light Emitting Diode





Are Batteries Included


Product Dimensions

3.94 x 2.76 x 4.72 inches, 3.94"L x 2.76"W x 4.72"H

Item Weight

1.95 pounds, 31.22 Ounces



Specific Uses For Product

Indoor use only



10 reviews for Valentine’s Day GiftKibuhain 3D Crystal Ball Music Box with Projection LED Light and Rotating Wooden Base, Best Gift for

  1. Lori D.

    Perfect giftMy granddaughter wanted a musical snow globe. But most that I found were either cheap looking or very expensive. This is not a snow globe but better. The 3D effect and the light effects from it on the ceiling make it a one of a kind. She was thrilled when she opened it. The crystal globe is removable so keep that in mind if you were planning on giving it to a younger child. I would suggest it would stay out of their reach until they get older.

  2. Kindle Customer

    CharmingMy grandson recently became a cat owner, He loves Louie and I thought this would be a nice little birthday gift for him and he is 24 yrs old. I think he will like it.

  3. LadyE

    So beautiful! But too smallVery magical piece, beautifully crafted!Wished it was larger. And mainly wanted it to continue playing that sweet tune, but the wind up feature didn’t play very long

  4. Yael

    BeautifulMy daughter loved it

  5. Rebecca Vallejo

    Beautifully madeBought this as a gift for my daughter and she loved it. It’s very beautiful and good quality.

  6. Luigi

    Light should be brighterDecor

  7. Patti

    With the light it was beautiful.This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. She loved it and so did I.

  8. Tara Walker

    Smaller then you’d thinkSmaller than you’d think but still cute

  9. Amazon Customer

    BeautifulIt’s a bit smaller than I was expecting, however, it is still beautiful. There is an upside down reflection of the laser cut deer, but that’s just a physics thing that can’t be helped. Note that the reflection minimizes when the battery does LOL. Be careful to not look at it from above as the light is blinding. It makes a pretty pattern on the ceiling. Makes for a nice dim light in the bedroom when getting ready for bed & you don’t want to have the big bright lights on. I’m not familiar with the song, however. It’s still pretty though. It would be awesome if there were a selection of songs you could choose from for the music box. I’m thinking of looking into having a custom one made to replace it as my personal reason for purchasing this is for a Harry Potter party. We’ll see.

  10. Marlo Mack

    GiftVery pretty

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