Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Kids, Heavy Sleepers, Bedroom, with Sunrise Simulation, Sleep Aid, Dual Alarms, FM Radio,

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Brand JALL
Color White
Display Type LED
Special Feature Adjustable Brightness, Adjustable Volume, Alarm, Radio, Snooze
Power Source Corded Electric
Product Dimensions 7.2″W x 7.2″H
Age Range (Description) Kid,Baby
Shape Round
Frame Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Are Batteries Included Yes

  • 【Wake Up Light with Sunrise simulation】 This Sleep Aid digital alarm clock is designed for everyone in fact, especially for heavy sleepers and kids. Sunrise simulation light with 7 natural sounds will be on gradually from 10% brightness to 100% by 30 minutes before alarm setting time. If you think 30 minutes is too long, you can set the process to 20 minutes or 10 minutes. Wake you up by nature.
  • 【Dual Alarm Clock & Snooze supported】 Considering you may need to set up different alarms for your family member, we designed 2 alarms for you. Also, the function of snooze is specially designed for those who needs an extra 9 minutes to start a fresh day. You just need to press the “Snooze” button at the top of the clock, you will get more 9 mins to sleep. Up to 5 times snooze.
  • 【7 Color Light & 20 Brightness Adjustable】 There are 7 color changing light you can choose, include blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, yellow, green. 3 level LED time display brightness & 20 level lighting brightness adjustable.
  • 【FM Radio & 7 Alarm Sounds】It will be a FM Radio just when you press the “Radio” button on the upper right to switch it on. Long press the “FM Radio” button for 2 secs and it will start and automatically scan all stations with frequency 76 – 108 MHz. It’s amazing that you can choose 7 alarm sounds to wake you up, such as Birdsong, Ocean Wave, Streams, Beep, Wind bells, Soft Music, Piano Music. 16 Level volume adjustable.
  • 【Night Light & Bedside Lamp】It is also a Bedside Lamp / Night Light / Reading Lamp. It will be a bedside lamp / night light / reading lamp just when you press the ☀ button on the upper left to switch it on. Also you can press the “+” / “-” button to adjust the brightness. Soft and warm lighting gives you good sight when you feed your baby / go to the toilet / read a book at night.
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Product Description







Additional information

Weight 1.06 lbs
Dimensions 7.2 × 7.2 in




Display Type


Special Feature

Adjustable Brightness, Adjustable Volume, Alarm, Radio, Snooze

Power Source

Corded Electric

Age Range (Description)




Frame Material

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Are Batteries Included


Mounting Type


Number of Batteries

1 CR2032 batteries required. (included)

Alarm Clock


Number of Items


Operation Mode


Product Dimensions

3.5 x 7.2 x 7.2 inches, 7.2"W x 7.2"H

Item Weight

1.06 pounds



Item model number



1 CR2032 batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 1, 2019



10 reviews for Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Kids, Heavy Sleepers, Bedroom, with Sunrise Simulation, Sleep Aid, Dual Alarms, FM Radio,

  1. Kaylee

    This is a great product for the price, also comes with many great features!I live in a room that has no windows, so I have no sunlight come into my room. For the longest time this made waking up for me very difficult, especially during the pandemic when I was forced to work from home and didn’t really have a routine. I saw the price point of the alarm clock which was much lower than some other alarm clocks on Amazon that also have the artificial sunlight feature, so I went ahead and bought one.I was really surprised at how well it works. Set-up was very easy, it only took me about 5 minutes to unbox the alarm clock, set the time, and set two alarms. No other set-up is required unless you’re wanting to set up extra features from the get-go, but I only bought the alarm clock for the artificial sunlight. Controls feel a little strange at first, but are easy to learn and get the hang of. I still have the manual but I haven’t looked at it after I first set my alarm clock up.The artificial sunlight works great and the light it produces looks very natural. It’s also nice that you can set the sunlight to start anywhere between 10 – 60 minutes before the alarm goes off. The light will start at a dim red and will gradually become brighter as the alarm gets closer to going off. I have my first sunlight set to start 60 minutes before the alarm goes off and I find myself waking up a few minutes before my alarm goes off everyday. The artificial sunlight really helps, and on most mornings I feel well-rested when my alarm goes off instead of confused and groggy.The alarm clock has some extra features built into it, such as a radio player, different colors of light you can make it shine (other than yellow for sunlight) for mood-setting in your room if you wish, and a sleep mode. I haven’t really dabbled in the other features besides the sleep mode, so that’s the only extra feature I will review. Sleep mode is something you can set up on a given night, and it allows you to set up a light that starts off bright but then gradually gets dimmer (basically the opposite of the artificial sunlight for the alarm), as well as play a loop of a sound for a given amount of time, and the sound can play for up to two hours (though you can of course set the amount of time that the sound plays for). There’s only three sound settings available for the sleep mode to play: Rain drops, river, and campfire (which plays fire and cricket noises). You can also set the radio to play for sleep mode if you wish. I’ve found the sleep mode helpful on occasion, and it’s a great extra feature. The only downside is that there’s only three different types of sounds to play for sleep mode. More variety would be nice, but for an extra feature built into the alarm I can’t really complain. Sleep mode also does not re-occur every day like alarms, it’s something that you have to set up manually for each night you want to use it. This is actually something that I like because I don’t use sleep mode every night, only on occasion.Two quick things I want to mention is that while the alarm does not connect to the internet, it does have built-in memory, so if you unplug the alarm the time on the clock and any alarms you set up will be saved once it’s plugged back in. The brightness features for both the alarms and sleep mode are also optional, as well as any sounds associated with them. So for instance, if you just want to be waken up by the artificial sunlight but don’t want to have an alarm sound to go with it, then you can set an alarm up to not play sounds. And for sleep mode, if you don’t want a dimming light to be on your alarm clock, then you can turn that light off and just let soothing sounds play.Overall, this alarm is great for the value and quality, and I’m happy with my purchase. It also comes packed with features that I didn’t even consider or care about prior.Pros: Great price, great natural artificial sunlight, great extra features like mood-setting lights and sleep mode, semi-large plug-in cable, easy-to-use buttons and set-up, charging port in the back of the alarm to charge devices like phones (this is very useful if your night stand doesn’t have a charging port close enough by), a lot of customization options for alarms, sleek design, built-in memory, optionally allows batteries to be put into the bottom of the alarm so that it will continue to work during a power outage.Cons: No internet connectivity, meh sound quality, not a lot of sound loop options for alarms or especially sleep mode.

  2. MayhemHatter

    Wonderful!I have wanted a sunrise/sunset simulation alarm for years but could never justify it while I was a college student. Now that I have been out of school for a few years and settled into my career I finally took the plunge and I am so happy that I did. This is one of the most valuable purchases I have made in my adult life.Getting up in the morning has never really been difficult for me. I am an early bird for sure. I haven’t slept in past 9 in probably 5 years. In the summer I usually bound out of bed as the sun rises. In the winter? Not so much. It is dark and cold and even the most gentle alarm from my phone would jarr me awake. I have had this alarm for about 2 weeks now and it is the dead of winter and I have woken up feeling refreshed every morning, which translates to more energy and focus throughout my day.I really like the design. It is simple and minimal – something I am slowly transitioning more of my life towards. It was also really easy to set up. Those reviews saying it was too hard and giving it a bad review obviously didn’t read the instructions. I skimmed through the manual and had it figured out in about 10 minutes.The front display has adjustable brightness which is a huge plus. There are 3 settings: bright, middle, and off. I keep mine in the middle. I appreciate that the display is an orange color – not blue or white. Less pain to the eyes if you have to check it in the middle of the night.You can set 2 different sunrise alarms which is helpful since I wake up later 2 days off my week and like that I don’t have to reprogram it for those mornings, I just hit the button for which alarm I need. The sunrise alarm can be adjusted in a variety of ways:- time (duh)- alarm sound (I like the bird song but there are a handful of other choices)- brightness level: it always starts from off then you can adjust how bright it gets by the time the alarm actually starts at you programmed time.- how far before your alarm it begins to brightenI have my “sunrise” programmed to start 15 minutes before my alarm is set to start. It goes from off to a deep red/orange to yellow and finally to white. The maximum brightness will absolutely light up a whole room. That is a bit much for me so I have it turned back just a little. I am typically awake sometime around yellow. This wakes me up so much more gently and I have a few minutes in bed before the “alarm” of birdsong actually gets me up. So I am awake before my alarm most days and getting out of bed right after my alarm goes off. No more poking at my phone for 10 minutes trying to get myself out of bed in the morning.The “sunset” can also be programmed, however there is only one setting, not 2 as with the morning alarms. It can be adjusted to your liking in the following ways:- how long the “sunset” lasts- starting brightness- sounds played (less options here than the sunrise but more relaxing, I like the rain the most)From the starting brightness that you program over the designated amount of time it slowly dims from white to yellow to orange to red and finally off. I have mine set for 20 minutes and I typically read a paper book as the blue light from screens is counter-productive. Once I stop being able to easily read that is usually about when my body is drifting towards sleep. It finished darkening while I snuggle fully into bed and off I go to dreamland.It does have the ability to change the color of the light but the default works just fine for me.I absolutely love this product. I do have 2 small qualms but nothing to take away from a 5 star review. I notice it more in during the “sunset” but the transition from light to dark is not very smooth, I definitely notice it click down with each level. It may be due to my settings and I will see if having a longer period of time to transition from light to dark with smooth that out. My other issue is in the mornings. Once my alarm goes off and it is at full brightness I wish there was a way to turn off the alarm sound but keep the light on. There is a “snooze” button but I haven’t tried it yet so I may experiment with that.In the short time I have had this product I can honestly say it has changed my morning routine and also the effects on the rest of my day. My sleep is more restful and waking up is so easy. It has really helped my mental health and I literally cannot stop raving about it to friends and family. If you are considering purchasing a product like this I highly recommend starting here. There are more much more expensive models but this one is accessible and user friendly.

  3. Bonnie

    I finally found an alarm that successfully wakes me up!I LOVE this sunrise alarm clock! I was comparing this one to others that are more expensive, bought and then originally returned this one thinking I’d like the Swarmir Smart Light Noise Machine that has a phone app and more color features. I immediately regretted returning this one after trying out the sleep-aid and wake-up alarm functions on the Swarmir. While the other color options for ambience and the phone app are awesome, there are several things I like WAY more about the Jall and bought this one again!PROS / What the Jall Wake-Up Light alarm does better:- I find the manual buttons are easier to use on this one vs. the Swarmir (though the phone app for Swarmir is also easy to use).- I LOVE the wake-up alarm sound options much more. The wind chimes sound is my favorite and none of the others that I looked at had it.- The sleep aid for the Jall clock ACTUALLY helps me fall asleep with the sound and light gradually decreasing until they softly go off. The Swarmir does decrease sound volume and light brightness too but suddenly cuts both off when the timer ends, which is jarring and wakes me right back up again.- I surprisingly prefer not having an app to control it, I need this alarm to force me to get up and turn it off. The whole reason I wanted a sunrise alarm was because 1/2 asleep me is too cunning for the iPhone or other phone alarm apps. Phone alarm goes off, 1/2 asleep me taps the phone without getting out of bed, then falls back to sleep within seconds. The ability to turn off the Swarmir alarm with its app causes the same problem—a quick tap on the app while I’m still in bed and it’s off while I pass out again. I set up this Jall clock across the room so 1/2 asleep me has no choice but to get out of bed.- Jall has a battery that saves your pre-set alarms, sound choices, and volume settings. The clock cannot run on the battery alone (has to be plugged into an outlet to work) but if you unplug it to move it somewhere else it will turn back on with the correct time and your settings still saved.CONS / What the Swarmir does better and what the Amazon description for Jall does not make clear:- With this one, you cannot use any of the other color settings with the alarm clock, they are purely ambience lighting you can turn-on whenever, but they are separate from the alarm clock. The alarm only uses the orange/yellow/golden light with the alarm to simulate the sunrise (which is still nice).- You can set the Jall alarm sound to FM radio BUT you cannot choose any channel you want. The clock will automatically scan for stations that come in clearly enough and will pre-set them itself. You can then choose from those 20 pre-set stations, but if your favorite stations do not come in clearly enough the Jall clock will skip over them. I liked maybe 2 out of the 20 that it pre-set for me.- If you’re looking for the super colorful, swirling, rainbow fading in and out ambience lighting, this Jall clock is not for you. You can set solid colors or set it to shift through all the colors but they stay solid (fading to one color at a time). This is where the Swarmir one has the Jall beat big time—the color features with the Swarmir are gorgeous.- The bottom 1/2 of the Jall clock where the time and LED display show do not light up or show the colors (that part stays dark and shadowy). The Swarmir has a full light-up display so the entire circle is colorful.TL/DR: While this Jall Wake-Up Light does not have a phone app and does not have all the other color modes for ambience lighting like the Swarmir, I very much prefer the wake-up and sleep sounds, and it’s actually doing its job by waking me up on time in a way that’s pleasant (and doesn’t make me want to throw the alarm out of my 3rd story apartment window 💜). Full disclosure: I did also buy the Swarmir Smart White Noise Machine for the colorful settings and ambience, and I use both every day—Jall to wake-up and fall asleep, and Swarmir for ambience lighting, white noise while I work, and for daily meditation.**Will update with a video that plays each wake up and fall asleep sound option from this Jall model vs. the other model I also bought for those of you interested.

  4. Kindle Customer

    Great, but definitely need to read the directionsOnce I figure out how to turn off/down the nature sounds, so it was working as a light only, I loved it. Makes waking up in the darkest mornings so much easier, without a shock of too-bright light.Definitely need to read the instructions before going through all of the (many, many) settings. It will handle two alarms. Set the time, the light type, light intensity, length of light, and those nature sounds.I felt like i had to “trick” the light to work the way I needed the light to come on. I wake up at 6 and wanted the light to come on slowly at 5:50, and that meant that the alarm was actually 6:50 with a 60 minute pre-alarm fade-in of the light, and then 10 minutes of post alarm light. I also had to read the directions a few times to find out with setting was the volume of the nature sounds in order to turn it down to 00 or 01 so i wouldn’t hear it.I’ve used it for several months and love it. The light comes on at a low level and gradually brightens. My eyes don’t hurt from the light, and my body isn’t shocked by any sudden changes. The light is bright enough to wake up to, and then navigate around the room without needing to turn on other lights. For me, this is a great way to gently wake up in pitch black mornings.

  5. Chris D.

    Plenty of wake up options to suit you.We live in New England, USA. In the winter, the sun does not rise until 715am which makes a 530am wake up time a challenge for this diurnal person (especially if it is going to be a ‘gray day’). I have ordered and returned several wake up clocks because they did not meet my needs. This clock is the closest to my ideal for a sunrise wake up.The light ramps up very quickly which is the only drawback, in my opinion. However, there are 2 wake up settings. You can set the brightness you want for anywhere from 10 – 20 minutes. So, I set the 1st alarm to soft light and the 2nd to brighter light back to back. This gives me the sunrise effect I want. You can turn off sounds which some models do not offer. The base is shallow enough for me to set the light on my bedroom window sill.

  6. MCL

    THIS IS THE ONE! (After DAYS of research of reviews and recommendations.)3 CLOCK BRIGHTNESS display levels – INCLUDES OFF!High is great for daytime, medium is soft and clear for nighttime, and the display brightness level is easy to adjust with a dedicated button for this function on the right side.20 WAKE-UP LIGHT levels: which are adjustable to your preference both in brightness and ‘sunrise’ length. Seamless transitions between the different light levels. The light levels are also adjustable by function (alarms & sleep.) The wake-up light turns itself off after 15 minutes, which is convenient, as by then we have the nightstand light on, and a cup of coffee to quietly start our morning.YES you can easily turn the alarm sounds OFF!My husband already has his tablet programmed to wake us up with different original songs every morning, so I was only looking for the graduated light feature. Since I do not use the wake-up sound options, I’ll skip reviewing those, except to say that there were one or two that I found pleasant. I did not test the radio feature, our station options here aren’t stellar.ALARM ON-OFF feature – there is visible display indicator when the alarm is on. When lowering the clock display brightness at night, it has been easy to remember to turn off the alarm on Friday night! When turning the alarm back on it will display/flash the alarm time so you will know it is correct. (This is not the light’s start time, but its wake up time. Start time will be 10, 20, or 30 minutes before your set alarm time, depending on your interval choice.)PROGRAMMING & BUTTONS – some found this confusing, I did not. A careful look at the diagram in the setup instructions, and then following the directions step by step made the setup easy and successful.(I agree with other reviewers in this – SAVE YOUR INSTRUCTIONS, you will need them if you decide to change your programming later.) Intuitively – the buttons were reversed from what my English speaking brain expected… that is, buttons I THOUGHT would be on the right are on the left. This really isn’t an issue though – any new and unknown apparatus requires getting familiar with its operation. (Think of the way we have to learn to automatically use an instrument console when we buy a different car.)Sunset and different colors – are not options that I have used, but they were bright, colorful and pretty when I was exploring and setting up my Sunrise Alarm Clock.Personal notes: I HATE having an alarm slap me awake in the midwinter darkness, which induces a lovely deep REM sleep in me. Even the quiet lovely music we play to wake up in the morning is startling when I’m deeply asleep and the room is dark. Every winter’s nightmare mornings. So, this winter I decided to look for a Sunrise Alarm to bring some, albeit artificial, light into my midwinter mornings.This unit is a complete success. We’ve been using it for a few weeks, and while I don’t always wake up to the light, which we have on a soft light setting, and a 10 minute ‘sunrise’ interval, I’m no longer startled awake from a deep sleep in the blackness of the morning. My husband also likes this Sunrise Alarm. It is quite lovely to wake up to a soft light in the room, already floating up towards consciousness. Regarding location of the unit – we’ve placed it across the room, on a dresser. It is easy to see the clock display from there, and it softly brightens the room from the dresser top as well. (I did NOT want to be startled awake by a light in my face either!)I twice spent DAYS researching reviews and recommendations both here on Amazon, and in general web searches. This particular Sunrise Alarm Clock was NOT listed in the web recommendations, but it became clear to me that it had the best features/options for what I needed. It was hard to find this particular one in the jumble of similar looking products, but it is worth the search!I seriously considered several Phillips models, BUT, there were features missing in some of these that were important to me, and a large number of people reported that the expensive units failed around the end of warranty mark. My husband’s comments about that (as all electronic items can be glitchy) was that we could buy an awful lot of more economical units for the cost of one Phillips! In the end, Phillips just did not offer the product that I was looking for. JALL did! And I’m happy that this was my first choice!

  7. JS

    I like the concept, not crazy about the included alarm soundsThis review is for the Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Kids, Heavy Sleepers, Bedroom, with Sunrise Simulation, Sleep Aid, Dual Alarms, FM Radio, Snooze, Nightlight, Daylight, 7 Colors, 7 Natural Sounds, Ideal for Gift sold by Jall StoreI needed a reliable clock not tied to my smart phone and it’s flaky battery and really wanted to try a sunrise clock but didn’t want to spend over $100 to discover I didn’t like them. So here I am… Overall, I’m enjoying the concept. The light output is more than enough and the light color range is also nice (soft warm glow to bright white which you can limit when you set the alarm). I initially chose use a 20 minute wake up cycle (light only, full spectrum, no sound), and I’ve woken a few times just 5-10 min into the cycle (no alarm sound). Absolutely love those days. I’ve also slept through it because my pillow was over my head… Since, I really can’t afford to not wake up on time, I decided to utilize the build in alarm sounds.Glancing through the list, Ocean caught my eye. I though Ocean would be nice, and at first, it sounded fantastic. Crashing waves, rhythmic – not too fast, and not too slow, not high pitched – just a good ocean wave crashing on beach sound. I though I’d found the perfect match to my sunrise – yes, Zen was in my grasp. Then a few seconds into the track the @#[email protected] seagulls start squawking. Seriously, why? Have you ever spent time around Seagulls, they’re loud, obnoxious and they’ll steal anything they can carry. That’s not what I want to wake up to in the morning. What’s next, soundtracks for a crowded beach, or maybe a sinking supertanker blasting it’s horn or a lighthouse fog horn at point blank range so my ears can bleed? You had one job…Unfortunately, the other offerings followed the same pattern – all seemed just as harsh (too high pitched, disruptive and not in tune with a soft sunrise IMO).- birds chirping in the morning – yes, I know birds chirp in the morning. At my house, they’re in a tree, over 20 yards away and not trying to be reproduced out of an alarm clock speaker less than a foot from my ears.- stream sound (like a steady peaceful river flow sound) – again too high pitched and too fast IMO.- windbells – I’m just going to stop you there and note in this case word combo should be wind CHIMES – as in mid-high pitched chimes and not those lovely lower pitched bells that your verbiage implies- piano music – Not even once in my life have I wished to wake to a piano (or for that matter drums, trumpets or triangles)Ok, I’m a bit over the top on these alarm sounds, but you get the point. I’m not a fan of this part of the clock. There’s a lot of opportunity for improvement.My answer was to set alarm 1 with no sound, alarm 2 follows later with sound… If alarm 1 doesn’t gently wake me like it should, alarm 2 certainly will, but I’m going to have a rushed morning..Does it have an FM radio, yes. Will you want to use it – I seriously doubt it.Per JALL’s reply in the Q/A section of this product when asked about the Radio:Please know that when you hold the radio button down, the clock will scan all the available stations automatically and save them as P-01/P-02/P-03 and so on ( up to 10 channels ). You don’t need to do anything until it finishes the process.After finishing, the clock radio will select P-01 channel by default. If you want to change channel, please hold “+”/”-” to select P-02/P-03 and another channelJust 10 channels? no way to delete unwanted channels to keep scanning the higher frequencies to reach the channel you want? Where I live, 10 channels doesn’t even reach the first decent rock or country station. However, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the new digital FM frequency tuners, so 10 might just cover it all in a few more years.Despite what I feel are failures in the extra features, from a basic standpoint – an alarm clock that simulates sunrise & a 30 min sunset it works, and it works quite well. Yes, better alarm sounds and a functional radio tuner would have been nice, but I’m still happy with my purchase. They also include a bunch of labels/stickers so you can choose to label the clock controls (or not), and you can choose if you want them to be seen when the lamp is glowing or just put them on the opaque body (other side of the inputs). So, for these reasons, I’ll give it 4 stars and keep using it until something better comes along.

  8. Laura

    Awesome Budget OptionI heard great things from my friends on the other sun lights… but I didn’t want to spend $200. I figured I’d give this one a go and I love it!You can set up to two separate alarms at once, each with their own customized sound, volume, brightness, and duration of “rising” brightness time.The sundown option is nice for going to sleep. You can set the brightness and how long before it slowly goes dark.I also really like that you can change the clock on the front to be bright, dim, or not there entirely.

  9. Julie

    Best purchase of 2020!The media could not be loaded.

     The Jall Wake-up Clock is wonderful! I bought it for myself, to help my body wake up more gradually, rather than be woken up suddenly. Starting my day with a jolt of adrenaline leaves me feeling wiped out for the rest of the day; and, let’s face it. The year 2020 has been a living nightmare. I couldn’t handle the insomnia and chronic fatigue any longer. We live near a police station, and this year there have been more nearby, nightly disturbances than in previous years. Therefore, more blaring sirens at night. It’s made it hard to fall asleep. Also, difficult to wake up, feeling refreshed. So, I bought this alarm clock, because of its sleep function and wake-up light. I desperately wanted to avoid paying for its much more expensive competitor, priced just over $100. This Jall Clock being less than half that cost, I had to give it a go.I must say, it truly works! The light, so long as it’s not set to one of the colored variants, has such an inviting tone. A yellowish hue that’s reminiscent to a sunrise, but perhaps closer to a flickering candle . . . but without the flickering part. My perception of the color’s tone might have to do with the fact that my bedroom walls are painted a rich, tan color; the light reflecting off that is very relaxing and warm—incredibly easy on the eyes. Which is key, for this sort of alarm clock. Anything too harsh could jar you awake. And the point is to allow your body to wake up gradually. It is fairly bright though, if turned up all the way to level 20. Level 15 is my preference. I set the alarm to begin the light function about 30 minutes before I want my alarm to go off. You can, however, set it anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes prior to when you want the alarm to chime. Often, I’m wide-awake before it ever makes a sound. I absolutely love the Wake-up light function! There are up to eight different alarm sounds to choose from: songbirds, ocean waves & seagulls, splashing creek, typical alarm beep, windchimes, piano & songbirds, slower piano, and FM radio. My two favorites are the songbirds and windchimes. All the recorded sounds are rather nice. They don’t have that cheap, appalling tone to them that some other Sound Machines do. Volume levels go from 1 to 16, with 16 being VERY loud. I set mine to 10, typically. Knowing there are six more clicks I could go up does give me more peace of mind. Say there’s an early appointment I can’t miss. Alarm beep at volume 16 will get me out of bed in a hurry. Most likely, the light function will have woken me up before then, and I’ll turn that sucker off, then leap out of bed, refreshed and ready for the day.This clock’s got a nice sleep function too. There are three sounds to choose from: pouring rain, crickets & campfire, and flowing river. You can set it to remain on for 10 to 120 minutes, with up to 20 brightness levels. I personally prefer level 10, for falling asleep. It gradually fades from whatever level you set it at, to 0 after the timer finishes. My husband loved this feature so much, he asked that I buy a second clock for him. And he’s not typically one to do that sort of thing. I can’t recall a time he’s ever said something to the effect of, “Hey, would you buy one of those for me too?” It’s just not like him. That’s how wonderful this clock is. The longer he’s had it, the less he keeps hitting the snooze button, before finally dragging himself out of bed. He has been falling asleep faster, and has gotten higher quality sleep. The same holds true for me.So far, this clock has been my best purchase of 2020. After several weeks of using it, my sleeplessness and chronic fatigue have diminished greatly. I am one happy customer. For the price, I highly doubt you’ll find a better Wake-up light clock than what Jall offers. That is why I give this clock a resounding Five Star rating.

  10. Selena

    It does the thing.I kinda have a lot to say about this alarm clock.I have a hard time waking but to just sound. I sleep in a room that has zero natural light, so i wanted to see if getting an alarm that imitates natural light would do the treat and it does! But here’s the problems I have..I still have not figured out how to change the light color. What the instructions say to do didn’t work, so I’m not sure. I was hoping to set different colors for the different alarms or for the fall asleep feature, but at this point I’m not really convinced it changes colors or if this is even something it can do.. still working that one out.When you turn off the alarm, the whole thing turns off.. okay that sounds stupid, but the whole point of this was to bring in light and I wish I could just turn the noise off and still have the light on. I have accidentally went back to sleep because of this lol.. that’s more of my problem, but I’ve now gotten in the habit of turning my lamp on before turning it off so whatever.The sound I agree with most is a little annoying. I have it on the birds chirping, or I should say one bird.. lol he’s on a 3 second loop of the same sound.. my husband joked that there must be only one bird in that forest that has one tune, we have named him Paul now after hearing this one note bird several times haha.All in all it does wake me up a lot easier than regular alarms, but for the $55 I paid… I just think that’s overpriced for what it is. I feel like this would be a good alarm for kids, but I see where adults have found this annoying.

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